Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Add Pops of Color with Glass Canisters

I have loved decorating since I was a small child. I loved moving my furniture around and playing with design. As an adult, I find that I love to play with colors, but get bored rather easily. Wouldn't it be awesome to have decorations that changed as your color scheme did? That's exactly what glass canisters do. No matter what colors you're using, you can add candies, glass pebbles, etc to a glass canister so that the color matches your color scheme. It's really that simple and the possibilities are endless.

My kitchen is painted in neutral colors and I filled canisters with candy to add pops of color. Candy is a fun option because you can change it up at the holidays to give your kitchen an instant holiday makeover. For example, at Halloween you could fill the canisters with Halloween-colored M&Ms or orange at black jelly beans. Just have fun with it.

Lastly, I love this tip because your decorations are functional. Not only are they pretty to look at and add great pops of color, but you can store  items your family uses and needs. This isn't just for the kitchen You could use this tip in your home office to store colorful office supplies or in the bathroom to store hairbands.

What do you think? Is this a tip you would use to add pops of color to your home?

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