Friday, July 1, 2016

Following the 12 Days of Clutter by ClutterBug.Me Plan

Through my beloved Roku, I discovered ClutterBug.Me. Cas is AWESOME. She's so relatable and real. This isn't the show where the host cleans and organizes an already clean home. If you're tired of all those shows where the people seem fake, watch this channel!

Okay, so last night I discovered her series 12 Days of Clutter. Each day, you work on an area of your home and get rid of 12 things. I love to celebrate Christmas in July and since it's the first day of July, I thought, why not start this? Here's the plan you can follow. You can find the video series filled with great tips HERE.

Day 1 - Kitchen
Day 2 - Bathrooms
Day 3 - Bedrooms
Day 4 - Clothes
Day 5 - Paper
Day 6 - Closets
Day 7 - Toys
Day 8 - Outerwear
Day 9 - Shoes
Day 10 -  Freezer
Day 11 - Garage
Day 12 - A Clutter Free Home (Hidden Junk Places - such as junk drawers, laundry room, etc)

Clearing the clutter in your home can relieve so much stress and often reveals great things you forgot you had. I can't wait to clear the clutter from my kitchen. The bottom cabinets are overflowing and it's time for some of it to go.

What about you? Are you ready to clear the clutter?

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